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From the Guardian UK, US Edition Friday, July 24, 2015

Young women, give up the vocal fry and reclaim your strong female voice

youtube: listen to vocal fry

In rebuttal:

Naomi Wolf misses the point about ‘vocal fry’. It’s just an excuse not to listen to women

And they are both right. I did not have a great speaking voice as a young woman. Nevertheless I kept seeking and accepting opportunities to lead organizations from my Brownie Girl Scout (5-7 years old) days forward, thinking that I could work in the background and not have to talk much.

As a child I played with how I sounded. There were speech “fads” that came and went up until I graduated from high school. Then I settled down to an ordinary voice.

In my 20s I began to listen to myself. I sounded nasal, with little intonation, and just talked too darn fast. I joined a speaking club but refused to tape and listen to my speech because I did not care to hear myself. It wasn’t that bad…I have always been a perfectionist. I had to cure myself of that.

Although I did not practice, per se, I consciously slowed myself down. That slowing allowed me to think about how I moved my mouth around each word. At the end of my three years in my Bank Speaking Club I served as President and received an award for the most humorous speech.

All this time I was unconsciously soaking up sounds from the tens of thousands of people I was to encounter in the next 40 years.

Then I had to get upper dentures, and thus learn to speak all over again. The dentures were in the way of my tongue. People were unable to understand me on the phone. I worked for two years to eliminate the lisp.

I met a man in 2013 through Craigslist. I placed a w for m date ad. Out of the hundred or so replies I received, he was first in line. We spoke on the phone before we met. His voice arrested me right away. It took me a moment to regain my composure enough to say, Hi. He noticed, he confessed just last month. He heard me gulp.

His experience was this: my voice was so devoid of accent that I could have been born in any country. He couldn’t tell anything about me other than that I was a sophisticated and articulate speaker. I could have come from anywhere.

I win 95% of my arguments now, without resorting to threats 🙂


Everyday health, July 27, 2015

5 Cold Soups for Hot Summer Days

I was hoping for a new gazpacho recipe and struck gold!


Exemption Requirements – 501(c)(3) Organizations

An update to IRS code 501(c)(3) means it’s easy and less expensive now to establish and maintain your own Tax Exempt Charitable Organization.

As long as your organization is formed and used for a tax exempt purpose, you can significantly increase your ability to benefit from your labor.

The application is now 4 pages. It used to be 22 pages.

The IRS Application Fee is $400 instead of $700.

One recent client received her 501(c)(3) approval within a month. It used to take 6 months.

Here’s the catch. Getting your application right the first time is very important.

Learn how at a weekly workshop in Park at TBD.



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