Four things are rotten in the State of Iowa (but one good)!

by Olivia LaRosa, June 13, 2015 from  Maggie Haberman and Jonathan MartinWith Candidates Staying Out, Iowa Straw Poll Dies, New York Times

Read yesterday, late, that Iowa has cancelled it’s First in the Nation “Straw Vote.” The New York Times said, With (mostly the large field of Republican) Candidates Staying Out, Iowa Straw Poll Dies. This is the official reason the Straw Vote, otherwise called a Caucus, is being dumped.

I think the truth is more complicated.

One, the Iowa Caucus results in 2008 lit the fire under the first Obama Presidential Campaign. Iowa’s early winners can end up at the bottom of the pile. Look at Michelle Bachmann. Neither Republics or Democrats want that to happen again. Hillary is finding that Bernie, the only candidate telling it like it is, may force her to abandon her corporate masters, at least during the campaign.

You know what they say about a constituent’s hell: it’s heaven, until after the votes are counted. We lose, corporations win.

Two, Bernie Sanders’ candidacy has created much more interest in both the campaigns and elections. The more people who hear Sanders’ messages, the more whose hearts will be moved.

Three, Joni Ernst’s Roast and Ride was a big flop, I bet. No one wants to think about hog castration when they look at at a Senator. Plus, she never says much that invites conversation, it appears.

Four, wouldya take a look at the Republican field? They have nothing to say to us that we haven’t heard a million times. They have nothing to say to us that we haven’t been forced to try before.

For example, we have seen now what happens when we cut taxes. The elite claims that when we cut taxes they make jobs for us. If that were the case, we should be ROLLING in jobs right now, after cutting the percentage of money that rich people pay and increasing the percentage that the middle class has to pay. (1

Where do the Republicans get the money to cut taxes for the rich? Well, they get it from imposing higher taxes and fees on the middle class. The rest of us are so damn broke we can’t pay attention. Even if they levy some new fee, we can’t pay it. <snark>If we had lawns, we would be arrested for not mowing them often enough, if we lived in Waco, TX. What is it with Waco? And what’s up with that Kalief Browder who committed suicide after spending 3 years in Riker’s Island without being charged? He was innocent of all crimes, but he couldn’t raise bail. Maybe he should just be thankful we let him out.</snark>

Some of us believed it when the Republic Party said it held the moral high ground and that the Vietnam War was a good war, so as morally high-grounded youth we joined the Republican Party. That only lasted about 3 years. After Watergate, I started searching for answers about why my party had to resort to burglary to win an election. I began to learn about all the dirty deals and dirty tricks Republicans played on the American taxpayer.

Republicans talk about Democrats being corrupt. Some of them are, but when they steal from us their goals are modest. They may want a summer house or a mink stole. Nixon, on the other hand, would not stand by and lose the Presidential Election in ’52 and again in 1960, so he bribed the VietCong to stay away from the bargaining table until he was elected. The moral bankruptcy of the Republics, hyping the burglars and the Iran-Contra criminals as patriotic role models has turned their party into nothing more than a spiked punchbowl.

One good thing, though, I must say. Rick Santorum held a campaign event in Iowa and the only one who showed was the head of the County Republican Party. Most of average intelligence would decide to dock their campaign ship for good. Let’s see what the less than smart will do.


1) Carly “just call me Daisy” Fiorino went out to Iowa, tyed a designer gingham blouse over her jeans, jumped up on a wagon, and told her poor little rich magnate story about having to pay taxes in 13 states. That is on her $248 Billion portfolio. Each extra state’s tax costs her about $100. Rich people problems everywhere were turn. Gasp. If I pay state tax in 13 different states, will I become an absurdly rich complainer? See how I avoided that?



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