Look what we have here! America’s Dumbest Senator Joni Ernst is going somewhere again!

By Olivia LaRosa, May 27, 2015

The extreme traveller and one-term Senator from Iowa Joni Ernst has added another destination to her 99-county tour of Iowa*…VietNam. I am sure that Joni’s constituents had listed Joni going to VietNam as one of their top three important issues. That is, after she had gone to every Iowan’s County and LOOKED at it. Joni also went to Washington D.C. and strode purposefully into the Senate Chamber.

This trip to VietNam is a first for Joni – a Congressional Junket. We used to make fun of these trips as pork. Why? Because there is NO FREAKING REASON for six US Senators to go to Ho Chi Minh City all at the same time. And there’s even less of a reason for Joni Ernst to go to VietNam. Maybe she wanted to look at more farming equipment. You got me.

Wait, wait, an image is coming clear in my crystal ball. Joni is going  to VietNam to make contacts for her REAL bosses, the chemical corporations. Because after all, Asia has not had enough green revolution Monsanto ADM Cargill Dow spread over its farmlands.

Joni, who promised to CUT PORK out of the Federal Budget, (by makinem squeal, ya know) is covering herself hip deep in it already.



*Wait. Whaaaa? Iowa has 99 counties? Heck, California only has 57 counties, and it has 10x as many people and 20x as much land. Why do people in the Midwest say they are against big government? Why do Iowa and California both have the same number of Senators? SMH.


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