Joni’s Roast and Ride

Olivia LaRosa, May 20, 2015

That Joni Ernst, she’s goin somewhere and makin em squeal. She is the new U.S. Senator from Iowa. How, do you think, could such an empty suit win over the Democrat, who is a far better person? Well, that far-better person turned out to be not such a skilled candidate.

He used words more than 5 letters long far too often, it seemed. On the other hand, Joni Ernst won her seat with the “Make em squeal” slogan. If you are among the fortunate who do not know the source of this slogan, I will leave that explanation to your own initiative. I don’t care to repeat it.

Always looking for entertainment, I thought that it might be fun to see how Joni Ernst’s career progressed. So I set up an Internet news alert for her name way back in July of 2014.

For sure she does one thing real well. Go places.

Nearly every alert I have seen tells the world about the places she has been or the places she is going to. I am not exaggerating. I say at least 95%. After her election, we were treated to a video of her firm stride into the U.S. Senate. That is all until her big speech favoring privatization of V.A. psychiatric care a couple of weeks ago.

This coming weekend is the Joni Ernst Hog Roast and Ride. Yes, that’s right! Joni Ernst outdo herself by taking a ride on a Harley and still not go anywhere.

But wait, there’s more! She is only part way through her tour of the 99 Iowa counties. What? Iowa has 99 counties? Do you understand how that is waaay too many counties?

California, for example, has 58 counties for 38,000,000 people. Iowa’s 3 million people live in 99 counties. Lets take an average. Each county there holds 30,000 people with its own bureaucracy, own equipment, own bosses, own sheriff, on and on. Each California county holds 655,172 people. If Cali had 99 counties, each would still hold 383,000 people, 13 times the number of each average Iowa county.

Now tell me again about how California, a Democratic state, is the state of Big Government and Red States belong to the party of Small Government.

This coming weekend, you can join people in Iowa for Joni’s Hog Roast and Ride. There she will outdo herself by riding on a Harley and still not going anywhere.

You can join if you are invited or a credentialed member of the press who RSVPs before the event, that is. No regular people allowed.


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