Shoe of the Day for people with mobility trouble

by Olivia LaRosa, October 4, 2014

$_57If I were going to buy a shoe today, this is the shoe I would buy.

Shoe of the day. October 4, 2014. Here, I am enchanted with the entire Earthies line of women’s shoes. This Earthies Shoes style is soft for thin-skinned people yet au courant.

The straps at the ankle control pivoting motions that might cause tripping or sprains.

Their gladiator look can add glamour for a day-to-evening outfit. Providing superior ankle support and a cushiony footbed, Earthies are a good choice in this $100-$199 price range.

Earthies can be found on eBay in either new or previously-owned condition for as low as $30.00. Pick up a used pair and see how they make you feel.


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