Moving the Mexican Border

Moving the Mexican Border


“The Mexican Border” is not a fixed landmark, we learn. Historically, none of our borders are made up of any more than myth. Rivers and lakes appear and disappear. Forests grow, die, then grow again. ‘First there is a mountain, then there is no mountain…then there is.’ ¬†~ Donovan

I have lived in and visited many places in the United States and have had the privilege of being a tourist in Hawaii. My birth certificate is not registered with the state of California. I have the hospital’s birth certificate. It isn’t a big deal until I need a Visa to travel. Even then, all I need is an affidavit from someone who has known me for more than two years. It hasn’t stopped the state from treating me and my friends like a legal person. For example, the State of California is very enthusiastic about collecting tax debt, even if it is owed to the IRS and not the state. (ed.)

Please read the fascinating article here at the New Yorker website. Limited membership is free in most of these significant publications.

Not so of the Washington Post or the New York Times, for example. The Founding Fathers would weep if they learned that the rich are making people pay for information. They knew that it didn’t work out so well the time before. Therefore, the French Revolution.

Our Founding Fathers thought that information should be freely provided to the public. It was free to mail newspapers. The laws the Founding Fathers wrote promised free mail to the public that would expose all viewpoints,-














































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































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