The Marine Corps Stores Huge Amounts Of Armor And Weaponry In Norwegian Caves

By Olivia LaRosa, August 17, 2014

Client’s house caught on fire. It did not burn down, but you wouldn’t want to live in it. He and his family had to seek other lodging and the bills began to pile up. The house entered foreclosure proceedings. Client offered bank $10,000 from his savings account to hold off for a couple of weeks because he had a good job starting then. Bank refused, bank foreclosed.

Meanwhile back at the ranch, the insurance company is figuring out who to screw this time around. They made an error that did not even save them money, but cost my client 50% of the insurance proceeds. The payoff was payable to Mrs. Client only, and Mrs. Client took the money and ran, so the bank and Mr. Client were both ripped off.

These incidents occurred in 2008. Client has not been able to face preparing his income taxes since 2008. He lost his family, and two homes.

That’s where I come in. I run a charity operation for clients whose lives have been turned upside down by the Great Recession or other of life’s uncontrollable tragedies.

I invite people who are behind on filing their taxes to come to me for help.

I don’t make much money. There’s no advertising budget. I build my own websites on my own webhost and I am a domain name provider, just like GoDaddy, only without the sexism and other ooky stuff. I live on a small Social Security payment and the business I can bring in by word of mouth and my mad skillz at SEO.

But here in America we don’t have the guts to indict our bankers, while we send our hardworking families to hell and back and store billions of dollars in caves in Trondheim. Our munitions makers are rolling in it.



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