On George Will’s “victims” blunder

The odds are against you being convicted of rape. The odds of you being falsely convicted of rape are even lower. George Will, always ready to sacrifice the rights of the victims for the rights of the itty bitty tiny minority of sex predators who get caught and punished, outdoes himself here in his crass defense of rapists.

DNA tests are your friends if you are innocent. Men, women can’t help you control bad men. You have to do it yourself.

By Olivia LaRosa, June 11, 2014

I am a woman who was a sexual assault victim three times during my childhood. I had a champion only one of those times, my beloved grandmother. I was only five when it happened. She saw something “wrong” with me, asked me what happened. I told her. She comforted me, covered me up, gave me a cup of hot cocoa, and said, “I’ll take care of this, honey, You rest right here. I’ll be right back.” It was a troubling incident, but because I had loving care, I came through it with little long-term damage done. At least 1/3 of women will admit to having been sexually assaulted — by men who are living as straight. I expect there are many more who still do not speak because they feel unwarranted shame or guilt. I imagine its even harder for men to speak about about the abuse they suffer. The point of this little story is: I cannot imagine anyone who would put themselves through what the typical rape victim must endure to report the crime and bring the rapist to justice. I have nightmares about being raped, and the aftermath is nearly as bad as the crime, for me. There are always a few humans with personality disorders who will file false claims, but they will out themselves sooner or later. It is our job to watch out for such types and warn others. Those types should probably get an electronic tag or an ankle bracelet so we can be alerted to their destructive presence.

Turns out these (95% or so) men are either one-third of the population, or one man molests many children and gets away with it for decades.

Secrets are traded in the dead of night, but victims and others in the circle of knowledge are afraid to call the police. A dear friend’s first husband was a baby molester. No one was told. He molested his one-year-old niece. His family packed him off into the Navy right afterward, instead of doing what they should have done and taken him out of circulation. Shelearned this long after her children were born, and too late. He had already molested his own five-year-old daughter. That act destroyed the child’s life and her mother’s too.

Instead of doing what they should have done, and turned in him as a sexual predator, they let him marry a 17-year-old girl who was too naive to recognize his illness.

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