Help, Senator Warren! Student Loan Interest Deduction is Capped at $2,500!

Please sign my petition! I posted this petition today. This is my third. I declared victory for my first petition, and my second is still circulating.

I am a tax practitioner and one of my new clients has sizable student loans. I learned that there is a $2,500 maximum deduction for the interest she pays. It’s unfair and furthermore, it’s foolish tax policy. The cap applies regardless of how much or how little you earn, unlike other deductions like this, which decrease as one’s gross income increases. Therefore, those who make the least money suffer most from the deduction cap.

Petitions about student loans are popular. I would like to write more petitions. I will be “in demand” if lots of people sign my petitions. I see them as a one-minute lesson in civics with an instant reward. You stood up for a principle! We must speak out when we see something wrong.

And go here to support the bill. It’s due for a vote on Tuesday!

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