Harvard Ed School students protest graduation speaker

My comments: These graduates from Harvard know their own minds. They object to having a speaker with an agenda that is in direct opposition to the highest aspirations of these talented future educators. “Reform” means giving up local control of your schools via corporate high-stakes testing programs. This high-stakes testing pressure amounts to nothing more than venal attacks on the teacher-student relationship. Corporations are salivating at the chance to destroy academic freedom and turn public education into a cash cow…and stealing your property tax dollars. There are PRINCIPLES at stake here. Anyone remember those? Tenure and academic freedom have a centuries-old history and serve to keep the integrity of the student-teacher relationship free from political influences and parents with grudges. Remember the tax dollars you pay for public schools? Do you want them funneled directly into the pockets of the 1%, or staying in your home town to help your own children?


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