10 Examples of Democratic Morals in Politics

1. Look at that. I finally got a photo of a Democrat acting like a true American, standing for jobs at home and boosting local small business by opposing the Trans Pacific Partnership. The Republicans are the ones wanting to cut your pay and then ship your job overseas. So, as if that isn’t enough, when your job goes out of state or overseas, never to return, the Republicans want to limit unemployment.

Now, I would appreciate it if someone could tell me how dropping a family into dire poverty and homelessness can be considered a “family value?” That is the consequence of Republican acts undertaken specifically to leave people without the fraction of their normal pay that unemployment benefits provides.

Unemployment benefits are the among the primary targets for elimination by the tax nuts. Tax nuts may never experience the ultimate consequences of their greed; a society so bereft of support from the state that it collapses around them. But they could read about it in the history of the Roman Empire and its thousand imitators. Only a lack of foresight and empathy could cause this failure to learn from our past.

So here is Nancy Pelosi, standing up for American family values, in the Washington Post.

Would ya look at that, now?

Well, that’s not quite 10, is it now? Looks more like 1! When I find more I will add them.

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