Ms. Demeanor, Bird Whisperer: Shocking news! Birds have Empty Nest Syndrome.

The birdlover who wrote in told the Bird Vet that the aforementioned budgie had just had her four fledglings leave the nest. The next day, Mama was hanging on the side of the cage, and wouldn’t perch.

Everyone who watches their budgies knows that hanging on the side of something is a sign of depression. Mama’s babies flew away yesterday and she had a cough empty next cough.

The Bird Vet immediately assumes that the Mama budgie is depleted from laying too many eggs and her legs are broken, however. She recommends what appears to be several hundred dollars of medical tests in an attempt to diagnose Mama budgie’s illness.

There is no “reply” function on the website, so I thought I would take care of it here.

Dear Budgie Lover,

Your dear little Mama budgie is just missing her babies. Please keep an eye on her to make sure that she recovers within a day or so. If her mood does not improve within 48 hours you may want to isolate her in another room for a day until she gets lonely. She will start to call to the other birds when she feels better.

Are the babies still there with her? Then don’t separate her. They will all make it just fine.

Ms. Demeanor, Bird Whisperer

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