A mile-long train carrying crude oil has derailed and exploded

By Daniella Silva, NBC News
A mile-long train carrying crude oil has derailed and exploded, triggering a “giant fireball” after colliding with another train in North Dakota on Monday.

North Dakota Train Derailment
North Dakota Train Derailment

A mile-long train carrying crude oil exploded in Casselton, North Dakota near the homes of 2,000 residents who officials are “strongly recommending” evacuate the area as a forecasted shift in the wind could send hazardous smoke over the town.
The Cass County Sheriff’s Office said on Monday night that it was “strongly recommending” that residents in the town of Casselton and anyone living five miles to the south and east evacuate to shelters set up in Fargo, which is about 25 miles away. Casselton has about 2,400 residents.
The sheriff’s office said the National Weather Service was forecasting a shift in the winds that would push the plume of smoke down, possibly posing a health risk. Earlier, authorities had advised nearby residents to shelter inside their homes.

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