Ala “Dogville:” Recognize the signs of the imposition of involuntary servitude

“Dogville,” a play by Lars Von Trier, filmed for PBS, tells the story of a young woman in desperate circumstances who is taken in by local villagers, and then reduced to the status of a slave.

The great actress Nicole Kidman plays the role of the young woman fleeing the “Mob”, in desperate circumstances with incredible nuance; child-like and open, honest and cheerful, yet sophisticated beyond her years.

The young woman is subjected to many tests of character. She passes them and thinks that she has found love. Sadly, the villagers soon take advantage of her vulnerability to outside discovery. The community demonstration of degradation is an ever-advancing wave of authoritarian control of human will.

The young woman is reduced to a state of slavery. She is not allowed to leave nor is she allowed to become a part of the community. Not one moment of her time may she claim as her own. All too soon, she is pressed into sexual slavery as well.

I could not imagine my sisters and brothers acting in this way to others.

Then I lived it, not once, twice, but three times after I became disabled in 2006. I will tell you how this happened in the book. But you should know that this movie will help you recognize the signs of power and domination as they rear their ugly heads in your interpersonal relationships.

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