The Man #5: Venom Gone Viral

By Olivia LaRosa, August 9, 2013

Ruth Marcus of the Washington Post wrote an article describing the backlash in the UK when it was proposed that Jane Austen, the revered 18th century author, be pictured on their money.

Criado-Perez found her Twitter feed deluged — not just with the usual torrent of profanities but also with explicit threats of rape and murder. “I’m going to pistol whip you over and over until you lose consciousness,” one Twitter user warned. “Wouldn’t mind tying this bitch to my stove. Hey sweetheart, give me a shout when you’re ready to be put in your place,” said another.

I commented, of course.

The problem is The Man. He is not raised properly. His fellow men do not censor him for his bad behavior. Rather, they encourage it. Think, gentle reader, of all the stories of gang rapes, now posted on Facebook for the approval of other men.

For the men who get mad at me for writing this, I recommend that you take that anger and talk to the next man you meet who speaks disrespectfully of others merely because they are not of the same race or gender. Stop encouraging war and greed. Perhaps then Twitter and Facebook won’t have to be bothered to stop threats of mayhem, rape and murder.

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2:30 PM PDT

You have a good point. This type of boorishness and antisocial vulgarity is typically found in men. Since I’m not one of them and was fortunate to be raised with a general sense of decorum, I am not offended by your comment. I know you’re not speaking of all men, but of a certain type of men. And yes, they are almost all men.

In other words, not all men are insufferable, arrogant jerks. But insufferable, arrogant jerks are almost invariably men.

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