My Take: Prison for ex-disability worker who stole $429,000

by Olivia LaRosa, May 24, 2013

Prison for ex-disability worker who stole $429,000

The former business administrator of a local developmental disabilities center, accused of stealing approximately $429,000 in funds designated for benefits, was sentenced today to 4 years in prison after pleading guilty in April to 15 felony counts.

This story illustrates the need for competent and well-compensated government workers. One does not save anything by driving smart and dedicated people out of government, as the Right has been doing since 1970.

So here, because government agencies are understaffed, or staffed with incompetent people, no meaningful audit of Carter’s activities occurred for from August 2009 to March 2012. Any bank teller can tell you that audits have to be conducted every time someone is out of balance in a cash drawer. Persons working with more than, say, $20,000, always handle the cash in a team of two. All the cash in the bank is counted every few days. Checking deposits that do not balance are fed back to the office daily for review by Operations Officers. A procedure similar to this may have stopped the thief.

As an additional safeguard, employees with three or more weeks of vacation must take two weeks of that vacation concurrently. Why? Well, when someone is running a long con like this, it is likely to be discovered during a two-week absence.

Carter was going into the records and erasing his transactions. A standard audit might have caught the embezzlement soon after it began.

Even worse! The Social Security Administration itself, the original payer, did not discover the thievery. Nor did the government disability agency.

An alert bank teller noticed many official checks made payable to Cash going through the account. In an agency bank account, this is a sure sign of trouble.

Something like this may not have been caught in modern banking check processing methods.

It’s another case of disability fraud, and far worse than a person who gets a sawbuck every once in a while and doesn’t report it to the Administration.

###Douglas A. Carter, 46, of Gahanna in Franklin County, from August 2009 to March 2012itted to theft and other charges related to funds taken from the Montgomery Developmental Center in Huber Heights including:

*One count aggravated theft of more than $150,000

*One count theft in office of more than $7,500

*Five counts forgery

*Five counts tampering with government records

*Three counts money laundering

As the business administrator for the Montgomery Developmental Center in Huber Heights, a facility primarily funded by Medicaid, Carter was responsible for managing and doling out Social Security and disability benefits for more than 100 individuals from Montgomery, Butler, Clermont, Clinton, Greene, Hamilton and Warren counties, according to the prosecutor’s office.


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