Hello Mrs. Cleaver!

An article about Cruz in the New York Times caused me to recall my experiences with the College Republicans and Federalist Society members while in college and law school from 1997 to 2004.

They are a vile bunch, primarily populated by seriously mentally ill persons. I can recognize them because I have spent my life suffering at their hands. My mother and grandmother were narcissistic sociopaths. Luckily, they were so crippled that they could not harm too many people outside the family. Ahem anyways.

Here’s what I said about Senator Ted Cruz (R) Texas:

Ted Cruz represents the end game for the College Republicans and the Federalist Society. The CRs were corrupted by Karl Rove in the 1906s when he engineered his election to president of the group by procedural shenanigans. The Federalist Society was created by dupes of the likes of the Bradleys, Koches, and Olins. Their modus operandi is dirty tricks and disinformation ala Joseph Goebbels. Their goal is a permanent “Republican” aka fascist “majority.” Cruz is a pathetic example of “affirmative action” for neoncons, fostered by the dirty trickster right-wing operatives who have given us our gridlocked dysfunctional government. He didn’t make it past kindergarten in regard to political analysis. Remember when Republicans used to care about our environment? Remember when Nixon enacted major environmental legislation? It was BEFORE the CRs and Federalist Society smarmed their way into the public discourse.

“Hello Mrs. Cleaver!”

I don’t think that “smarmed” is a real verb. I just couldn’t think of a better one.¬†

Now, I don’t ever have to talk about him again. Whew!

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