The Man #3: Smart Men Support Feminism

I sent this out to a group of friends tonight. I was prompted to do this because of an email I received from “Upworthy” which included a video by a man who is trying to convince other men of the need to become feminist…

There is a long history of violence against women in my family. When I returned to college at the age of 47, I took a course called “Anthropology of the Law.” I decided to write a paper for that course on the background and consequences of violence against women.

There is an important take-away from that paper for the male audience. Since 1972,  when the first women’s shelters came into existence, the death rate for men in domestic violence situations began to decline, according to the FBI. When I wrote the paper in 1999, the male death rate had dropped to 40% of what it was in pre-shelter days. See the chart at the end of my paper, here:

This proves: what? Well, it proves that if women have a way to escape from a violent relationship, no matter how marginal, they will take it rather than kill a man to escape. Women’s death rates dropped too, but only 26% as compared to pre-shelter days.

Therefore, smart men support feminism!




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