You have to prove I am brain-dead!

Every program has freeriders and bottomfeeders because a certain percentage of people are freeriders and bottomfeeders. Freerider and bottom-feeder status is not exclusive to any particular social class. Rich, poor, and in-between freeride. We have to decide which kind of freerider costs our commonwealth more:

a) the 61-year-old disabled woman knocking down $300 a month from SSI

b) bloated defense industry by and for corporations for which taxpayers foot the bill?

My comment (above) on this article resulted in the following:

“So, there will always be waste, fraud and abuse. For government programs, we can prevent that by hiring and retaining smart, effective people to work for us. Government workers are accountable to the public. No privatized service can claim that.

“Instead, we are discouraging able people from working for the government by imposing wage freezes and furloughs.

“The Right wants dummies administering our rules and enforcing our laws because it makes it easier for them to cheat, lie, and steal from the public commonwealth.”

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    Balloon Man  Olivia LaRosa • a day ago

    Complete and total rubish.

    Government uses secrecy to hide the fraud waste and abuse.
    Private companies go out of business.

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      Olivia LaRosa  Balloon Man • a day ago

      Your comment makes no sense. You must be a troll.

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        Balloon Man  Olivia LaRosa • 5 hours ago

        Your brain has stopped functioning. You must be a democrat.

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          Olivia LaRosa  Balloon Man • 7 minutes ago

          My brain functions far above the norm. I tested at genius level in 6th grade. I started a Young Republicans Club at my high school. Once I became an adult, I realized that my Republican father had served me a tray of political malarky.

          He told me that everyone has the same chance to succeed in America if they work hard. Everyone knows that’s a lie. Even you.

          I spent most of my life in business, first as a bank manager, then as an executive in the insurance forms industry, then as a real estate broker and mortgage lending officer. I raised three children.

          I went back to college at the age of 47 to finish my bachelor’s degree at the University of California, Santa Barbara. I graduated with a host of honors in 2001.

          Without stopping, I graduated from a top-tier law school at the age of 54.

          I earn a meager living as a tax practitioner to family, friends, and neighbors. I am enrolled in a post-law-graduate program (LLM) in taxation.  I do meticulous work, but cannot afford to advertise.

          Why? Because I became disabled in 1983. I was riding in a car driven by a person who had control over the advancement of my career in Sober Security Bank. Then I worked past the point where I felt disabled for another 4 years. I applied for hundreds of jobs and served unpaid internships in a score of reas. The permanent injuries alongside the moves averaging  2 every three years have forced me to take a stand My usefulness to society will deteriorate if I am forced to relocate from my modest studio apartment in the Cleveland Heights area of Oakland. I can live here independently until the end of my days with no more than two days and an evening out per week.

          Finally I realized that my writing, which shapes perspective among us, is best left free and open to comment. In that way we can develop a harmonious consensus. I am sure you do not believe me. That’s A-OK with me.

          It appears that despite our claims that we can comprehend and manage just about any group of people who have similar empathy and similar aims….

          It takes more than that. It takes learning the truly human skill: morally and peacefully engage in contact with other for mutual support from funerals to festivals. Such contact will encompass all parts of the human relations spectrum. We will all begin to learn about the object of our interest; most importantly the matching intellectual energy compatibility.

          The matching occurs naturally in the course of conversation. I long for strongly emphatic  politeness to win the day.

          How come It isn’t the the norm                                                                                 right now.

          Why? Because I do not make snap judgments  for fast money.

          Therefore, I ask you to provide support for your allegation that I am brain dead and a Democrat.


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