Ms. Demeanor, La Consiglieri – No. 1

Dear Ms. Demeanor,

I am helping a friend think through a dissolution settlement with his wife, who is likely a psychopath. He sent her three reasonable proposals. She rejected all three on the theory that she was entitled to an asset he had acquired before their marriage.

She made no counterproposal. I figured she was just trying to make him guilty or throw him off base. I gently reminded him that she was likely a psychopath and nothing that he would say to her would make a difference.

I suggested that he make a slightly-less-generous proposal that cited the state law on separate property. I edited a bit. Also to be considered in such an offer is a sweetener for the opponent to take the proferred deal. He did that.

So far, real quiet on the other end of the line. Hoping she realizes she’s pushed him as far as he can go.

What is our next step?

Signed: Dealing with the mentally ill

Dear Dealing,

You do not take a next step until she takes one. Whoever speaks first is the one who will acquiesce.

You’re welcome,

Ms. Demeanor

–¬†Now get off my phone.



This is an entertainment column featuring hypothetical situations. It is not legal advice. ~Ed.

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