The Elephant in the Room: The Man #1

By Olivia LaRosa, December 17, 2012

I cannot bear to read the news right now. It’s hard keeping up with my work when sounds and images of that senseless slaughter in Connecticut pop into my head.

Right away, the two wings of the gun-nut parties got together and blamed drugs or teen sex or some other lame excuse for a man gone crazy enough to shoot people he did not even know, for no good reason. The elephant in the room? Most always, it’s a man.

Yes, many women have committed depraved murders. However, estimates indicate that 95% of such heinous crimes are committed by men.

Gun regulation advocates have been begging for the NRA and other likeminded lobbying groups to ban the assault rifle and the banana clip for decades.

So, but still, it isn’t the assault rifle that is killing people, it’s the man. It is nearly always a man. How do so many men grow up with the belief that if they do not like something it is ok to torture or kill that thing? Even worse, with this latest tragedy, the victims were but a proxy for a murderous male rage that leapt the barriers of human empathy.

The pattern is clear even to me just jammin’ in my recliner. Young, shy, alienated, quiet, never hurt a fly type guys need close watching, especially if they are Caucasian or Asian. (Steely Dan’s song Don’t Take Me Alive playing in background.)

It appears that our education system is not reaching out to everyone who needs our guidance. Perhaps the symptoms of a personality capable of that sort of heinous crime could be caught early and managed well enough that this person might function in society.

(Yes, I do know that it is not always a man. But of these sorts of criminals, I think about 95% of them are men. I would entertain dialog on this issue.)

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