Three Common-Sense Articles for Job Seekers, or 10 Lies You Should Tell in a Job Interview

By Olivia LaRosa

December 8, 2012

I have been seeking employment, or admission to schools, more or less non-stop since 1987 when I lost my 14-year-old banking career due to downsizing. I was in the first wave. I’m glad. Some friends still employed knew it was coming, but never when.

Since then I have read countless articles about how to write a resume, how to ace an interview, and how to follow up with the employer.

These three, on Doostang’s* blog, or Wetfeet, cut through all the detritus of years of reading these sorts of things. Even if you are self-employed some of these tips may help you.

10 Lies You Should Tell in a Job Interview

Hiring Managers ask interview questions that are designed to give them reasons not to hire job candidates.

These trap questions are meant to expose any problems you’ve had in your professional career. For trap questions, sometimes answering honestly is the wrong answer.

 Basic Cover Letter Do’s and Don’ts

Stop debating whether or not you should include a cover letter with your resume because in today’s hard knock job market, you should ALWAYS include one (unless a job listing specifically asks you not to). The cover letter is your opportunity to introduce yourself to an employer, tell them a little about yourself, and explain why you think you’d be the best fit for the job.

How to Follow Up After a Job Application

You’ve spent hours carefully tailoring your resume and cover letter to each position, sent out hundreds of applications, and have become yet another player in the painfully frustrating waiting game. It’s a hair-pulling, cliff-hanging experience that makes you second-guess your every move.

It also makes you want to throw your hands up in the air and shout to the high heavens, “What else can I possibly do!?”

*About Doostang

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