Sadness in Romney camp; talking to Romney voters

I had this discussion on FB on Election Night with a cousin.

By Olivia LaRosa
November 8, 2012

Via: Sadness in Romney camp. It hurts to lose. I know. Now let’s go build our democracy together.

Cousin: Or perhaps our democratic republic.
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Via: I think that this election will find most Americans opposed to the Electoral College. We get our news in seconds, not in months, as was the case in 1776. Time for our government to admit that our individual votes should count.
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Cousin: There is an inherit danger to a true democracy. If you have something and a mob of other people want it, they can take it from you. Mob rule is not an answer.
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Cousin: They electoral college is played with, moved around, and manipulated entirely too much. Not sure what the answer will be
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Via: Our legal system is theoretically designed to protect the interests of those who do not hold positions of power in society. Those protections stave off the spectre of mob rule.
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Cousin: In theory of course.

Via: The 14th Amendment provided all of us with the rights to due process and equal protection under the law.

Via: Everything’s in theory. It is our job as citizens to make sure that our government abides by its own laws.

Via: There are always freeriders and cheaters in any system. We all need to watch for those people, no matter how much they are stealing.

Cousin: I am a born skeptic. Not a trusting bone in my body 🙂

I would rather trust my fate to the people I voted for rather than corporate heads that I don’t vote for and have no say over. I can always vote a crook out of office, but I can’t vote him out of his CEO position.

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