I Hate Schadenfreude!

A pox on schadenfreude!

I get so tired of doing my main job, which is helping others try to avoid common pitfalls in building their assets. People pay me, but rarely implement my recommendations. Later, when Things Go Wrong (TM) they always tell me that they wished they had listened to me. This is a case in point. I don’t like feeling glee about the misfortunes of others. I would rather they paid attention in the first place.

Republicans could hardly wait to be able to tap into vast fortunes without legal restraints. Now, they are reaping what they sowed; a firestorm of baseless smears and lurid innuendo.

I would have more sympathy for them if they did not spend it all on promoting their dogma, rather than actually giving direct aid to the people who need it most.


Snips below; join the NYT for free to access the entire article.

While Democrats have long denounced a 2010 Supreme Court decision that opened the gates on unlimited spending on advertisements, some Republicans are now growing more disenchanted with the system that has allowed the barrage of ads, often by shadowy groups, and the effects it has had on what they see as a sullen and disenchanted electorate.

“What I’m trying to do is transform the system so people participating as candidates can be held responsible for what is said,” Mr. Lungren said of the legislation he is drafting.

Lundgren is among the most ignorant and malleable legislators in California.

Reminds me of the old saw:

A Democrat says to a Republican: “I will stop telling the truth about you if you will stop lying about me.”

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