Queen Ann

Queen "Ann"toinette
from the daily Kos
A brilliant makeover of Queen Marie Antoinette caught my eye today in the comments area of the Daily Kos. Her attitude could not be more smug. No wonder King Willard worries about us getting tired of her.


More quotes from the Daily Kos on the Romneys:
Mitt Romney’s moral compass points to the Cayman Islands.
DJ Ann: “I got two Cadillacs and a microphone”!!!
Rich people this obnoxious usually stay out of politics. Until now, one would only read about them in the society section of the newspaper. Or, if one belonged to the proper social circles, their antics would be the subject of malicious gossip. (“Did you hear the Romneys installed a new car elevator in their home? Maybe this time they’ll listen when the man explains how it works, & they won’t trap themselves on the level with the Edsels for an entire weekend. Again.”)

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