Wondering why our government is broken?

Well some people have a vested interest in breaking it. Why, you ask, would someone break our great American government?

It boils down to one of the Seven Deadly Sins: Avarice, otherwise known as Greed. No matter how much money the rich take from the poor, they always want more. More than their fair share. People will do most anything not to lose their position or have to backtrack on the ladder of life. As my dad explained, “You have to stay ahead.”

Lots of fun stuff on the Net today. Go to New York Magazine for a witty review of Chris Christie’s speech on the second first night of the Republican National Convention.

I recently discovered The Daily Show, in 2007. The entire show is an excellent primer on the economics or “actualomics” *snicker* as I like to call the field of real clear reportage that a reasonable person who was in the upper half of their class in 12th grade can easily comprehend. This is a 2009 episode. Nothing has changed for the better. By that, I mean our financial system is still as poorly regulated as it was before the last Great Depression.


And here, I was reminded how I always recoiled when I saw Ronnie’s hair. It was always so obviously dyed. You would think that a big-screen Hollywood actor would realize that his do was just over the top! This is also obviously a great article about political dynamics in the North American heartland. Written by a listmate in the Working Class Academics listserve, where I have mostly lurked for the last 12 years.

Stephen Colbert amazes me every time I see him perform. This clip is no exception. Stephen Colbert Gives GOP Anatomy Lesson.

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