Countrywide used a special VIP loan program to influence lawmakers, report says

Washington Post Article By Clea Benson and Roxana Tiron, Published: July 5

By Olivia LaRosa

The contents of this article shock the conscience. Now I understand why our homes are upside-down and we are out of work; because Congress and the national banks colluded to loot the middle class.

Earlier today, I read a “content-free” news article about the Romney campaign. Twelve hundred people had commented. Here, a sum total of 21 people have commented on this momentous news.

I commented about that. Then, I responded to a post by a right-wing troll. He praised Rep. Darrell Issa’s absurd hearings, claiming that “ALL of Issa’s investigations have uncovered egregious illegal behavior. Only the mainstream leftist press WILL NOT report it.”

I thought I would clear things up here.

Most of Darrell Issa’s “investigations” have been overblown vaudeville productions.  I always expect to see a tiny car pull in and burst out with 20 clowns in the middle of a hearing. I think people are sick to death of this divisive propaganda. Seems like the right in this country wants to make everyone hate everyone else.

The Supreme Court upheld that silly ACA “Obamacare” bill with the $98 annual penalty if you fail to have insurance. If you are too poor to buy it, it won’t be a large burden, but you still won’t have any health insurance.

The US economy is on a highway to hell. Unemployment figures are a disgrace.  The housing market may not ever recover.  That’s a recipe for revolution. Why don’t you all stop this disinformation and fear-mongering now?

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