Reliable help for the ADD, insomniac, sleep apnea et al patients among us

Not an ad, an unsolicited review.

By Olivia LaRosa

Four core hours comprise my basic sleep schedule. For the record, I need and get more than four hours’ sleep every single night. Nine hours? Perfect.

Trouble is, I have not had any more of a sleep pattern than is described above since my teens. I stay up late, mind working at top speed. Often, I sleep far later than I expect.  Often, I wake far earlier than I want to. Moreover, it may take as many as three tries to rouse me.

It would be unfair to ask someone to pay this much attention to me or try to rest with my restless nature unless we lived together, and even at that, it might grow tedious for them.

Drumroll: I found an inexpensive and reliable Internet wake-up call service. Answering services have supported my corporate employment effectiveness for decades. I was without for a while. Remembering how good it felt to have help, I looked online for a computer-based service. The answer for now is:


Try it for (really) free for ten calls, then choose options as low as $3.99 a month for services such as reminders via phone, text message, medicine reminders.

User-friendly and easy-to-manage, Snoozester does not feel like just another job I have to do to take care of myself. It’s instant gratification, and good for you too.

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