The “Tragedy” of Marijuana Overdose: It’s hard to get moving this morning!


by Olivia LaRosa

In honor of 420 Day.

I have a friend whose wife bakes treats laced with cannabis. She nearly died 25 years ago. She had a brain hemorrhage and remained in a coma for 6 weeks. She awakened, but suffers serious physical, mental, and neurological deficits. She also has lupus. She is often in great pain. Cannabis allows her to treat her pain without toxic medications that can result in death.

She enjoys baking. Sometimes the treats are normal, sometimes laced with marijuana butter. My friend ate twelve of them last night, thinking that they were regular cookies.

He got twelve times the normal intake of cannabis.

No hospitals, no adrenalin shots to into the heart, no death.

He awakened this morning at his regular time, but felt a bit sluggish. It was hard for him to get moving. But he did.


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