OMG these freaking cords Chapter One

by Olivia LaRosa 1/31/2012

I am a cyborg. OMG these freaking cords!
I have to charge my goldarn cellphone every night. Nevertheless, it will fail halfway through the next day, round about 1PM.
This cellphone is a state-of-the-art Samsung Galaxy Captivate Android touchpad, an alleged geek-a-rama.
Only two weeks after delivery of my baby android, ATT sent me a message with a nine-page instruction sheet attached. I was ordered to upgrade my baby phone without delay.
Well, I had other priorities at the time. I had not allocated the time to engage in extensive maintenance of my brand-new phone.
Last month, I had put out the fires in my life, and attempted to upgrade from Android 2.1 to Android 2.2.
Let me tell you, honey…
I went to the ATT website and learned that I should visit the local ATT store. They would take care of me.
So, I took the phone to an ATT store. After I waited for 45 minutes, the kid told me I had to go to the warranty store in Walnut Creek.
I waited another hour at the ATT warranty store. The kid told me I had to upgrade to Android 2.1 to Android 2.2 before they would service my state-of-the-art phone. I said, “I just bought this phone. I don’t want to spend five hours performing an upgrade that you should have done.”
He shrugged.
The links at ATT website are devilishly hard to find. Then after you find them, the “upgrade” and “download” links lead to 404Land.
I next wasted an hour at the Samsung site. Resorting to search engines was useless.
In the meanwhile, my phone:

  • hangs me up right after I dial a call
  • goes black in the middle of every act I perform on it
  • never alerts me when I receive calls or messages
  • dies halfway through the day
  • I am just getting started…

I am considering my next move.
Suggestions are welcome.

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