War on Drugs-My Comment to the NYT


Howard G New York
There’s a cartoon from the New Yorker magazine which depicts two elderly women sitting at a kitchen table, chatting over some coffee and cake.

One woman is speaking to the other, and the caption reads:

“Lately I’ve been feeling lethargic, listless and apathetic, and if I stand up too suddenly, I get dizzy. My daughter says she has to smoke two joints to feel like that.”

And for all those who insist that smoking pot is essentially harmless, consider this…

The guy who is repairing the brakes on your spouse’s car had a joint after lunch.

The broker who is in charge of your portfolio likes share a joint or two with his colleagues to “take the edge off” during those pressure-filled trading days.

The woman who drives your children’s school bus takes a few puffs on her coffee break – which is okay because getting high does not dull the senses the same way as having a few beers.

Debocracy the West Coast

Huh? You mean that some people who lobby for legalized drugs actually take them?


Try to think of it this way: Every legal drug transaction starves the government of Black Ops money.

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