US Senate Moving to Block Obama from transporting Guantanamo detainees INSTEAD OF VOTING TO HELP 911 RESPONDERS

The United States of America has simply gone right down the loo. The Republicans know that most Americans think that they are lying scum. Yet they lie their way into office with promises of -morality and care for the common smallbusiness-person who are just folk.

Wall Street Journal: Senate plans block on Guantanamo transfers.

Today, the Senate failed to pass a bill to help 911 first responders. Do you know why? Because Republicans failed us again. They are holding lives hostage in order to insure that the already obscenely rich can continue to get obscenely richer. They are also busy scoring points with the most paranoid in their party by this Guantanamo grandstand tactic, full of sound and fury, but signifying nothing.

They will not allow a tax cut to expire at what appears to be the beginning of another Great Depression. Corporations used to provide 50% of all Federal government revenues in the 1950s. Now, their percentage of contribution is nominally around 5%. Yet, they want more blood. The Republicans are the easiest tools, but Democrats are not so far behind nowadays, eh?

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