New Director’s Notes on Charly’s Passing

July 14, 2010

Dear Friends of Charly and the Project to Enforce the Geneva Conventions:

I learned of Charly’s passing via a phone call from a family member a few hours ago. He died in his sleep. I saw him three weeks ago and this was about how he told me he wanted it to be. It’s a terrible loss for all of us. I hurt.

I am humbled to now serve as director of the Project upon his passing. For information or input about PEGC, please contact me directly. His mother Mary will not be equipped to deal with these matters.

The Project will fire up again after I sit for the Bar in two weeks. Charly had two words for me about that: “Pass it.” I hope I will.

If friends and supporters of the Project wish to send me comments about Charly and the Project, I will publish them here with your permission.

With great sadness,

Deborah Lagutaris, J.D.

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