A comment on a pathetic comment

Haley Barbour is the governor of Mississippi. Toyota built an auto plant in his state. What would your guess be about the slant of Mr. Barbour’s article?


“I agree with Mr. Barbour 100%. Being a resident of Mississippi, as an aside, get ready for him to be the next President of the US.”

Hey bub. Haley Barbour came in last in the CPAC straw poll, two days ago. His tally was 1% of the vote. So, given that you have totally incorrectly predicted the future, and did it without irony, how could I find it logical to believe anything else you write?

“To the point at hand – my Toyota was built in the US by US workers, and has more US content than my built-in-Mexico Chevy Suburban and Dodge Ramcharger. It’s an American Company. The real issue here is that Toyota’s quality drive has precluded the UAW from playing. The UAW, and it’s handmaidens in Press and Government, are quite determined to beat the crap out of Toyota. Would that GM and Chrysler had managed their businesses as well as Toyota has.”

2/24/2010 6:48:15 PM

Poor little lamb, who has lost his way…

Bad logic, bad logic, bad logic. Not everything that might sound good can be considered good logic. For that matter, remember when logic had a modifier? Now, any argument, no matter how bogus, is called someone’s logic.

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