Boycott Sarah Palin headlines! Take the Pledge!

After nearly a year of Sarah Palin coverage, let me be among the millions who are disgusted with corporate media’s fascination with this dreadful woman and among the millions who have said NO MORE. It’s sort of like looking at roadkill.

Yeah, yeah, I know. I set up four blogs about the terror of Sarah Palin last fall, so I should be the last one to speak. But I swore off Sarah after the election. It was making me sick!

Her deliberate lies deserve no space. Let her return to obscurity, where she belongs, as a cultural footnote in the decline and fall of the Republican Party. I will not click on any headline featuring her name.

Please join me in letting corporate media know that they can’t sell any more advertising space by relying on this horror of a human being. Add your comment to this post, pledging not to read anything else about Sarah Palin. You know it isn’t going to be worth your time, anyway.

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