RNC Head Michael Steele Is Not a Success

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The NYT has an interesting piece on RNC Chairman Michael Steele today, noting his recent, shall we say, difficulties. It noted some elements of Steele’s background I’d forgotten about.

Outside politics, Mr. Steele struggled. He tried the priesthood but left as a novice. Later he practiced law for seven years in Washington (after passing the Pennsylvania state bar, he said), then started a consulting firm that made so little money that he almost lost his home.

Hmm. Steele wanted to be a priest, but that didn’t work out. He wanted to be a successful lawyer, but that didn’t work out. He wanted to run a consulting firm, but that didn’t work out. Steele parlayed this “success” into a role as Maryland’s lieutenant governor, but that didn’t work out, either — he was booted out after one term, and didn’t follow through on his own hand-picked projects. He then wanted to be a U.S. senator, but that didn’t work out.
Remind me, why did the Republican National Committee pick Steele as its chairman?

Rumor has it, Steele got the job in part because he’s a compelling personality on television. Of course, television is the medium that’s led Steele into all kinds of recent embarrassments.
I have to assume there are more than a few RNC members who kicking themselves right now, wondering what on earth the party was thinking.

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The New, New Clarence Thomas

One of the most disgusting political developments of the last 20 years was the appointment of Clarence Thomas to the highest court in the land. Bush 1 to America: “Hey, you want a Black on the Supreme Court? I will give you dross: Clarence Thomas.” This creature sits in Thurgood Marshall’s seat. How revolting. Morally bankrupt and intellectually void, he rails against the very system that allowed him to achieve his wholly-undeserved high rank is U$ society. I don’t know who’s dumber: a Black Republican, a gay Republican, or a female Republican. I guess it all depends on who they want to fool at any given time, eh?¬† –OL
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