A Breath of Fresh Air! The Green Collar Economy

by Deborah Lake

How refreshing to hear an impassioned speaker who tells you the truth about a problem, and then gives you some ideas what to do to make things right, and on top of that, makes you feel as though you are supported in your work.  That’s Van Jones.

I met Van Jones again tonight.  He and Mayor Newsome called us together tonight to tell us about Van’s new book, Green for All.  Van spoke at an event at my law school a few years back, and I thought to myself, I like that guy.  He made us all feel smarter, and more powerful, and gave us a chin up. 

Van spoke at the new Academy of Sciences in Golden Gate Park.  2 1/2 acres of the building roof are ALIVE!  The roof is a habitat for flora and fauna.  I shall return soon to admire and investigate.

Green for All is the name of his newest public interest organization.  Van has a gift for seeing through all the muck surrounding a problem, isolating the major causes, and implementing practical solutions.  He has founded or help to found several nonprofit organizations that solve problems at the neighborhood and local level.  These models have been successfully implemented across the nation. 

Green for All has one solution for two problems:  there are jobs available right now in a critical infrastructure area; energy conservation, and the US needs jobs.  So, let’s roll up our sleeves and work together! 

I purchased the book The Green Collar Economy: How One Solution Can Fix Our Two Biggest Problems tonight and got to talk to Van tonight!  Please  vist Green for All  and watch his video and BUY THE BOOK.  You will thank me. 

Affiliated organizations:



I urge you to support Green for All.  Organizations such as this will help us clear the way to a healthy community, state, and nation full of fresh air, clean water, and pure sunshine.

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