androgyny…who knew?

by Deborah Lake

Noooo, not like Sheldon in Big Bang Theory! Sheldon is asexual, not androgynous!

Androgynous people do not occupy some vast sexual wasteland.

Rather, androgynous people’s thought processes do not conform to culturally-assigned roles. I always thought that there was something “wrong” with the way I thought, because I did not think “like a man” or “like a woman.”

Some people think that I write like a man. I do not consciously write like I belong to any gender.

Despite having been warned that my mental omnivorousness would not help me find a husband, I remain primarily attracted to men. I would prefer that this condition did not exist. However, I had no choice in the matter. I did not awaken one morning and decide to be heterosexual.

So, I am content to rest for now and wait for someone to meet who is taking the same path as me.

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