I am to sit for the California Bar 5 days from now.

I won the battle against the resident fleas a few months ago!

But, I had to spend 14 hours ridding my residence of new foreign fleas. That will help *a lot* in reaching my goal of never having to sit for it again. Meps.

I went to my mother’s house. It is now overcome with fleas since her illness began. My sister does not believe me, because she thinks I am crazy. Rather, I am a HOST for fleas. They will stay with me for months, even with treatment.

I am tired of having to live in a toxic environment because other people are not as sensitive to fleas as me. I have to eventually break down and use a pesticide so that I can have some *peace.* Flea bites are quite painful, and they bite me constantly.

Every time a flea bites its host, it is able to lay flea eggs. How would YOU feel if you were a flea host? Disgusted? In pain? Unable to sleep? Red blotches on skin? Itching all over? After spending all day long in pesticide-laden clothing?

I am not feeling so hot…

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