Discovery the Hidden History Behind the Bush Dynasty

Discover the Hidden History
Behind the Bush Dynasty

Secrecy & Privilege
by Robert Parry
390 pages (paperback)

Tracing investigative leads back through three decades, Secrecy & Privilege explores the mystery of how the two George Bushes rose to the pinnacle of American political power – and what the rise of their dynasty has meant to the nation’s democratic principles.

Purchase ‘Secrecy & Privilege’ along with Parry’s 1999 book ‘Lost History’ for only $32, a 30% discount!

Two ‘must-read’ books, Lost History and Secrecy & Privilege fill in missing chapters of modern U.S. history – from the truth about the Reagan administration’s complicity in drug trafficking of the 1980s to the real story of how the Bush Family’s rise to power transformed American democracy.

When you order now, $10 from the purchase will be donated to

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