Alito’s Shady Associations

Samuel Alito may not have been deeply involved with The Concerned Alumni, but he is involved up to his neck with The Federalist Society. The Federalist Society is not overtly discriminatory, but the effects of their policy initiatives creates the same result as if they were. The actions of The College Republicans and the Federalist Society on campus chill the blood. I have written about my observations of their bad acts over the last seven years. If Kennedy really wants to get him, I have the ammo, and I am going public. These incidents I describe are not a fluke, or just the acts of some “bad apples”. It is part of a national campaign to discredit progressive thought and eliminate thoughtful analysis of complex issues in service of a far-right ideology.

This weekend, I decided to republish an article that originally appeared under a pseudonym, Frankie Lake. It exposes the nature of the Federalist Society, College Republicans, and Young Republicans. I am hoping that people will distribute the article with the intent that Democrats will find enough backbone to filibuster the Alito nomination. Samuel Alito is a Federalist Society member. The Federalist Society supports an extreme right-wing agenda far outside the intent of the Constitution and the consensus of the American people. Alito supports a “unitary executive” branch, which destroys the checks and balances inherent in the Constitution, and opens up America to control by a dictatorship. If this sounds familiar, it is similar to what happened in pre-war Germany.

For starters, Alito is a supporter of the Presidential Signing Statement, whereby the President attempts to subvert the will of the legislature.

Here is the original article.

After I published this article I set up an email account under my pseudonym. People from across the country contacted with with stories very similar to my own. Some of them spoke of events like this that occurred decades ago. There is a pattern and practice of lying and deception at the core of this organization’s culture.

The people who commit bad acts are not mere minions of these organizations; they are its leaders. People like Jack Abramoff, for example. Abramoff was President of the College Republicans, a feeder organization to the Federalist Society. This mentality is rewarded, not punished by these organizations.

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