Jesus welcome in the public square, but not Calvin Klein

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Jennifer Moses writes a good commentary on the “religion in public” issue. However, as a left wing radical grandmother of three, I have to say this. Equating liberalism with the inability to comprehend why people are horrified to see 16 year olds in CK undies on billboards across America, and hear music that incites violence and sexual license is “radically” off the mark.

Liberals do not find this sort of thing acceptable. It coarsens the culture and turns children into base consumers of titillation that leads them to purchase products that will help them realize some advertising executive’s idea of fantasy. The only people who find this commercialization of sex and violence reasonable are corporations. They increase their market shares by shoving these messages down the throats of our children.

Liberalism, rather, is the ability to appreciate and tolerate other lifestyles without passing judgment. It is NOT a free ticket to display coarsely sensual or degrading material in the public domain.

I think that if you polled a hundred people in San Francisco or St. Louis, you would come up with the same answer if you asked this question: do you want to see billboards with pictures of 20 foot high people clad in flimsy panties, you would get the same answer: NO!

In other words, if you want to stop this sort of cheapening and demeaning imagery in the public square, limit corporate free speech. Jesus would approve and so would I.

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