Fact v. Opinion-Why so much confusion?

Ask a rightwinger to define the word “fact.” Get ready for a blank stare, drooling, or hostility. Rightwingers are unable to debate effectively because they cannot even agree on common definitions for words, just for starters.

Let’s start with the word “fact.”

What is a fact? Something that can be demonstrated objectively by evidence.


Main Entry: fact
Function: noun
Etymology: Latin factum deed, real happening, something done, from neuter of factus, past participle of facere to do, make
1 : something that has actual existence : a matter of objective reality
2 : any of the circumstances of a case that exist or are alleged to exist in reality : a thing whose actual occurrence or existence is to be determined by the evidence presented at trial —see also finding of fact at FINDING, JUDICIAL NOTICE question of fact at QUESTION, TRIER OF FACT —compare LAW, OPINION

Everything else is an opinion.


Main Entry: opin·ion
Pronunciation: &-‘pin-y&n
Function: noun
1 a : a belief stronger than impression and less strong than positive knowledge b : a formal expression of a judgment or appraisal by an expert —see also opinion testimony at TESTIMONY —compare FACT

Seems to me that many people on the right can’t muster a fact to save their lives. Wish I was wrong. So, here I am, in the battle of my life, trying to bring boring but essential facts to light. I would rather be reading poetry or walking on the beach, but there you have it.

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